Elvis surely was in the house
By John Buck

To say there was an expectant hush in the Kings Hall as the audience awaited “the King” aka Chris Connor
to come on stage is a leeetle wide of the mark. There wasn’t a whisper, there wasn’t a hum there was just a loud “grace” from the audience for what they were about to receive, and when they did receive it whistles, stamping and clapping showed just how well they thought of Chis, his band The Steels and the harmony singers.
The lights weren’t bad either – one of the most spectacular shows yet seen at the Kings.

There are many Elvis “tributes”. This was hardly one of them. As one lady
said, somewhat wistfully, afterwards, “ If you closed your eyes it was just like Elvis had come alive”.

Not the case, You didn’t have to close your eyes to realise just how good Chris Connor is.
With every gesture, mumble, laugh it really could have been the King on stage.
Chis Connor must rank as THE Elvis tribute.

The 12 piece band “The Steels” and the harmony backing plus the co-
ordinated lighting and “newsreel” backcloth meant this was a show
to remember.

Chris really is so good that when the only hitch occurred – a faulty mike-
he turned it to advantage, hoofed the pause and kept the audience on

This show went through the whole Elvis repertoire and judging by
audience reaction (said whistling, stamping and clapping plus a
whole lot of “wow, what a show”) it won’t be too long before Elvis, sorry
Chris, is back in the house.

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