Getting on Online Tv Getting Out of Cable Tv

Getting on Online Tv Getting Out of Cable Tv

Why continue to suffer from the expensive subscription costs, a limited number of pre-set channels, and inferior audio-video quality on many channels with cable television? You now have the benefit of online TV!  You will find that Internet TV is the better choice when it comes to more value for your money in subscription costs, more channels especially those meeting your personal viewing preferences, and more viewing pleasure in terms of better high-definition audio-video quality.

All of these benefits are possible with the likes of Slingbox hosting services.  Add in the opportunity to watch local American TV shows in places where these stations are not broadcasted on cable and satellite television and you have more reasons to cut the cord of cable.

But before doing so, here are a few important steps to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Determine Your Budget

Keep in mind that you will still have subscription fees to pay when switching from cable to Internet television, thus, determining your budget is your first priority.  You have to pay for the Internet connection, perhaps even upgrade your bandwidth for plenty of streaming and recording. You must ask your service provider about the required Internet connection speed although many providers can work with the available set-up yet still continue to provide unlimited bandwidth access.

Tip: Choose the minimum required speed for your Internet access. In most cases, faster speed will not necessarily increase the quality of the audio-video transmission, especially for ordinary uses.

When determining your budget, keep these possible aspects and their costs in mind:

  • Select the content that you like into your basic bundle. You may also be provided with pre-set packages to choose from, which will likely contain all of the basic channels from news and entertainment to sitcoms and movies.  A personalized bundle will likely be more expensive than their pre-set counterparts.
  • Include the prices for a la carte purchases of events, shows, and movies that the pre-set packages may not include, such as pay per view programming.

You will then be able to make objective comparisons between the costs of cable TV and Internet TV. When your calculations are relatively on point, cutting the cable television cord is a better choice.

Look at Your Hardware

Fortunately, you will not be required to purchase additional equipment when switching from cable to Internet TV. If you already have a digital TV, then it will suffice for the purpose since the service provider will provide the set-top box, typically a Slingbox 350 or a PRO-HD.  This is also true for Internet-ready smartphones and tablets, which can be used to access the channels for remote viewing as well as remote recording and controlling of the shows.

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