Awareness on Spiritual Awakening Through a Live Radio Show

Awareness on Spiritual Awakening Through a Live Radio Show

Throughout our childhood we had heard that this world was a stage and life was a theatre where there were no retakes or rehearsals. I got the opportunity to listen to the show of Det. David Love and Dr. Lana Love on the topic of spiritual awakening. He is a spiritualist, counselor, Reiki healer, and a certified hypnotist spoke on spiritual awakening. Listening to his show I realized that I had to empower my rocky relationship with my partner. It was a great time listening to him as he focused on the personal growth of his listeners.

Every day was a new day to find inspiration from the elements in the universe. His talk on how to evolve as a person spiritually made me ask a question of whether I was on the right path in my life. Spiritualism is a way of life that a person has to practice which you have to cultivate by attuning your mind and soul.

The experience Det. David had in this field was what gave him immense knowledge. The topic of universal love was explained in an effective way. His years of experience in hypnotism and public speaking had the ability to transform the minds of listeners. My husband and I realized the fact that we had to make some changes in our lives in many ways.

The radio show hosted by him helped develop our spiritual life and provoked us to grow as a human being.  Listening to a radio show proved so beneficial that we wanted to explore more about the hidden mysteries of life.

We got to learn many new things about how to maintain a healthy relationship. Universal Soul Love was a weekly social activist radio talk show that promoted various topics on life. Love being the center of every relationship, we both decided to change the way we were leading our life.

Going live on a radio show was a first time experience for us. Hearing an expert speak about love, spirituality was bringing about a new sense of realization. We could feel the need for a transformation in our married life.

The theme of universal love was supposed to mean that it was supposed to create a good inspirational show. Since the communication theme was based on this, it made my life even simpler. It was for the first time that we had attended such a live show. Attending the live show on love was something substantial because people connected with the emotion called love.

I felt blessed to attend this show where the topic was an interesting one, especially for couples.  The time slot was fixed for an afternoon show on Wednesday. We were fortunate enough to be a part of such a life-changing show.

Upon reaching home, we both reflected on the talk and made a decision to change our approach of living. There was a serious need for a change in our lifestyle and we both decided to spend more time with each other. This was to enrich our married life in order to make it a more peaceful one.

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