Upcoming Horror Movies

Upcoming Horror Movies

Every day film technology is becoming more advanced. With these advancements, these new movies are able to capture audiences in ways people never expected. Everything from upcoming horror movies to restored action movies is being foreseen as hits simply because of new technology. Horror movies have always been an audience favorite simply because people like to be scared.

Luckily most upcoming horror movies look promising. Movies such as the new Freddy Krueger remake “Nightmare on Elm Street” as well as the “Scream 4” release are combining with a more recent horror flick “Saw 7”. Each of these films brings their own twist to the horror genre.

All upcoming horror movies have one thing in common, that one element is the fact that there is a distinct villain. In the case of the New Freddy Krueger film, Freddy Krueger is a supernatural evil that hunts people in their dream and kills them.

If someone dies in their dream, they die in real life. What makes this horror film so terrifying is the fact that everyone has to sleep, no matter how young or old, as long as you dream Freddy can reach you. Very few movies have been able to live up to the legacy that Freddy has left behind, however, some of the upcoming horror movies show promise.

Most movies that have been made recently have a sort of bizarre twist in the end. Now upcoming horror movies are adding that same twist within their movies. A prime example of a horror film with a twist would Scream, in each Scream film there is a new killer impersonating “Ghost Face”.

At the end of each film it is revealed that the killer is actually the of the victim’s closest friends, in previous movies it has been the best friend or even boyfriend of the main character Sidney Prescott. However, now that Prescott is dead in Scream 4 there is no telling who the new Ghost face may be.

Everyone that goes to see a horror movie is expecting one thing, to be horrified. Luckily some upcoming horror movies will guarantee that. Saw 7 is breaking into theaters this year, a movie that is guaranteed to make you cringe at the mere idea of it. Those that follow the film already know that the former main villain Jigsaw is dead.

However before Jigsaw died he enlisted a large number of students to carry on his legacy of kidnapping those people who do not appreciate the life which has been given to them and putting them into death traps in which there is only one way to escape, to tap into your survival instinct. The Saw films maintain their legacy of keeping audiences on the edge of their seen cringing at every gory scene portrayed.

Upcoming horror movies do look promising, there seems to be a horror film for everyone these days. Whether it is a slasher film, thriller, or even a splatter film, new films are released every day, and with new technology to make the films more realistic than ever, you should prepare to be horrified.

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