Is It Time to Switch to Electric Violin from Acoustic?

Is It Time to Switch to Electric Violin from Acoustic

Humans have a natural desire to discover new things. When a person has already learned something, there is a tendency to broaden the concept of learning. Just like in playing instruments, after honing their skills and achieving more advanced playing skills and techniques, one might decide to finally switch from one instrument to another to try or learn something new. For example, a violinist who plays an acoustic violin might choose an electric violin as their next instrument.

Due to the growing popularity of electric violins because of the unique sound it produces, many violinists are also trying the electronic counterpart of the traditional violin. If you’re currently thinking of an electric violin as your new instrument, we listed down some reasons why it might be the time to switch from acoustic to an electric one.

Reasons why it is time now to switch to the electric violin:

  1. To try something new

It is human nature to try new things. It is regarded as an addition to the person’s existing hobbies. In music, once you understand how the acoustic violin works, it might be the perfect time to move on to the electric violin. In a nutshell, a new instrument means new learning.

Musicians have the option of playing as many instruments as they wish. They only need to concentrate on honing their skills. Furthermore, attempting something new, particularly in music, can lead to more opportunities.

  1. Easier to maintain

Acoustic violins are fragile instruments due to temperature changes that can quickly affect their tune, whereas electric violins are not affected by continuous temperature changes. As a result, the latter is easier to maintain in comparison to the former.

  1. Wants to be in a rock band

Electric violins are ideal for musicians with the heart of a rock star. It can produce unique tunes, genres, and other effects that an acoustic violin cannot. Also, having the best electric violin can help a lot in recording music covers and creating compositions that people in the music industry and simply music lovers might enjoy.

Furthermore, the electric violin, like the electric guitar, can produce rock sounds. The sound of an electric violin is more lively than that of an acoustic violin. As a result of its electronic sound, musicians can play the electric violin in a rock band and perform something modernized and unique in the crowd.

  1. Wants to try playing rock or electronic music

In relation to being in a rock band, another reason to switch from acoustic to electric violin could be wanting to try rock and electronic music genres. Though it is true that you can also play these genres in acoustic violin, having it played in an electric violin is still different as electric violins produce more raw and sharper distinct sound, unlike the acoustic one.


To sum it up, violinists can have the choice of switching to electric violin from having an acoustic violin. It is just a matter of having extra funds and also the eagerness to try something new. If the musician wants to hear the sound of a violin connected to amplifiers, mixers, and other digital devices, it would be best to buy an electric violin while still keeping the acoustic violin.


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