Disappointment in South Africa

Disappointment in South Africa

This is football and anything can happen but … how bad are the teams in Group A. With this being the first day and there was a lot of desire for the World Cup and football, it has been possible to endure … but they have had phases of a real mess.

South Africa 1- Mexico 1

  1. I keep Thsabalala’s goal. This is how the World Cup is inaugurated. Golazo.
  2. If FIFA wants South Africa to be in the round of 16, it can start sending “special” referees. I said that they summoned Iturralde as a matter of urgency.
  3. Pienaar (from Everton) very, very weak. You have to know how to lead.
  4. Mexico is very cool. With defensive errors and little goal up.
  5. Cuauhtemoc Blanco’s way of sweating is impressive. That overweight, that shortness of breath, that sweaty hangover. A pint of being playing a brutal single against married. And yet, it has been the best.
  6. Mexico’s goalkeeper Óscar Pérez has also helped a lot to the sensation of the town party. Do n’t you have one that doesn’t look like a “From Dusk Till” extra? or that he knows how to play as a goalkeeper … what blocks a ball from time to time, that does not clear towards the center, that does not come out at the wrong time … come on, the little things typical of a professional goalkeeper.

France 0- Uruguay 0

  1. The thing about France is Domenech’s fault. A team with Gourcuff, Malouda, Ribery, Henry, Anelka, Evra, Toulalan… cannot play football so little. It is that they do not play anything. But nothing at all. Horrible.
  2. During the game, I wanted to tear out my eyes. Is that if it is not a World Cup they have to pay you to see it.
  3. Suárez and Forlán are sooooo upstairs by themselves. The ball does not arrive.
  4. If Lodeiro’s entry takes a direct red, nothing happens either. It was a very just expulsion and could have complicated Uruguay a lot.

Let’s hope this improves tomorrow … because it can’t get worse right?

For tomorrow I would say that South Korea and Greece tie and Argentina and England win. We will see.

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