Live Band Music Making a Wedding an Event to Remember

Live Band Music Making a Wedding an Event to Remember

Recent trends in budget-minded wedding receptions seem to be pivoting back to live band music. Honestly, there is no comparison between having a DJ-managed CD music presentation as opposed to real live music put on by professional musicians. In essence, it will give even the modest wedding a touch of class that no DJ could ever offer. Let’s examine more details below.

What A Wedding Planner Can Expect

With a professional music ensemble, there’s ample opportunity for those planning a wedding and its many stressful details to let the band set themselves up. There’s no need to set up the group, pack away the equipment, or create an improvised music library of CD selections. As professionals, the manager and the musicians know what is needed.

Moreover, there’s no need to worry if your future brother-in-law arrives a little “tipsy” if he was chosen to provide the music as the master of ceremonies. Typically, guests always remember the food and the music long after the big wedding event as which was proved in a recent survey carried out by a wedding band by the name of The Souljers where 72% of guests said they remember the entertainment most.

Preparation Tips For Live Entertainment

Below are several vitally important tips to make sure that things go as smoothly and pleasantly as possible.

Check out the band before the event by attending one of their engagements and/or insisting on an audition.

Pick the preferred genre for the reception. Is the music appropriate for dancing and what kind of dancing-rock, ballroom, or contemporary? Generally, bands that play for a specific niche really know their rehearsed material and take their talent to a higher level than those delving into several genres. Be specific about the music arrangements and what you expect the band to play.

Book the band and the venue at the same time to better coordinate the details as to the hours and the days of availability.

Insist on a contract agreement for all parties involved: band, caterers, bartenders and the reception hall. Be sure to cover all your bases with sound checks–before the reception. Likewise, ascertain the specific hours that the band plays, the band’s attire, special music requests by guests, allowance for any band breaks, and cancellation policy with stipulations.

In the end, a live band may cost a little more than a CD-produced music track, sometimes starting at £1,500 a gig. However, at a live event to be remembered such as a wedding, you’ll be glad you spent the extra money, and find it was well worth the entertainment.

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