Netherlands Spain and the World Ends

Netherlands Spain and the World Ends

SPAIN is in the WORLD CUP FINAL. If I repeat it an egg of times but … it does not stay with me. Let ‘s see, again: SPAIN is at the END of the WORLD in South Africa 2010.  Until Sunday have time to get used to.

Anyway, I screwed up in quarters. I already know it. But honestly, Holland had tons of luck to take on Brazil. An own goal, a defensive failure in the small area, a deranged Felipe Melo, and a Brazilian team that saw the game won at halftime.

In any case, Holland has its merit. It reminds me of when Greece was charged to the USA in the Mundobasket of Japan. What balls came to Spain to avoid the USA in the Final. The same story can happen here.

Man, it is not exactly the same either because, along the way, the tulips have had to brush Uruguay. For me, the Charruas have known how to take advantage of the highway that was left in that part of the table like no one else to reach the semifinals.

 But along the way they had to experience epic situations such as penalties against Ghana, losing Lugano injured, Luis Suárez expelled … squeezing Forlán … and the issue was no more. Even so, they fell with honor, although to me, the truth is that it consoles me little … We have returned home so many times full of honor, that I already have enough.

The fact is that Holland plays and lets play. He scores goals with some ease but also fits them at ease. It seems to be a dangerous but very interesting rival.

Germany reached the semis after showing that Argentina does not have a coach. I keep laughing with Maradona, but of course, I’m not Argentine. If you are Argentine, you are not amused that Messi goes down to the middle to receive, that Tevez tries to cross players instead of dribbling them, that Milito does not play, that Mascherano was only in the center of the field that he had to send text messages to his teammates, that the Argentine central have the waist of an arguably …

Spain saved the curse of quarters against a mega-physical rival. For minutes he smelled of Spanish tragedy. He smelled Belgium, he smelled South Korea,… Missed penalties, repeated penalties, missed penalties, balls hit the post… and goal. The room barrier was detonated in the air … and once the barrier is destroyed, the pressure disappears and Spain becomes a thousand times more dangerous … and devastates a Germany that there is no wall to protect. It was a full-blown beating.

I just want to give a few notes about the game:

  1. If the ball that Krooshas with zero to zero is Muller, we are now crying. I will never thank Muller enough for the stupid yellow that he won against Argentina. What it does not take away to say that the mother who gave birth to Casillas lives.
  2. Piquéblocked the German center-back in Puyol’s shot they teach it in basketball clinics. From there, I propose the canonization of Puyol (although he does not speak) and that there be a subject in schools that is Education for Puyology that consists of children watching the goal for a year and reviewing the life and miracle of the Shark.
  3. Pedro played a great game. Fucking. What made me suffer unnecessarily in the last minutes for not scoring that goal, I forgive you. But if after not passing Torres… they tied us… it would simply have been necessary to execute him. Literal. He gets on the plane with everyone and at 6,000 meters of altitude, he is made to disappear. At least I would never ask questions about what became of him.
  4. That Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Iniesta, and Busquets have coincided in the same selection is a miracle. It will be millennia before something like this happens again.

For the FINAL I do not predict anything. I will simply put on clean diapers, an aspirin under my tongue to lessen the effects of a possible heart attack, and watch the game.

Good luck and a glass.

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