It is All About Scream 4

Scream 4

You heard right, Scream 4 will be cutting into theatres this year. The fourth installment of the popular horror series has arrived. This time Sidney Prescott will not be one of the preys. Scream 4 opens with the funeral of Sidney Prescott (the main character from all three other films).

You may think that this movie may be pointless because Sidney has already died, however, you should not forget that Dewier and Gayle Riley both survived in Scream 3. One of the main rules for all slashes films is that there can be no survivors. With a new plot, old villains, and a familiar storyline, Scream 4 already looks promising.

The main plot of Scream 4 is that Sidney Prescott is now dead, while attending the funeral Dewier Riley and Gayle Weathers-Riley have a run-in with yet another copy cat killer. Unfortunately for Dewier and Gayle, there can be no survivors when it comes to murder. The copy cat killer goes after Dewier and Gayle to end the murder spree once and for all.

The mystery of who the new or old killer is will only be revealed at the end of the film thus adding suspense to the film as well. Is it an old friend? Or possibly a new character that holds an unforeseen grudge against Dewier and Gayle, you will have to see Scream 4 to find out.

To make sure there is no confusion about who the villain is, Scream 4 maintains the ghost face imagery that should be imprinted in your minds from the first three films. The ghost’s face and his signature slasher knife are on the hunt but don’t get too comfortable with how ghost face looks, it is a new decade and therefore he has new tricks. The mystery of who Ghost face actually is will only be revealed if you see Scream 4 when it comes out this year in theaters. With original director Wes Craven it is a guaranteed Scream classic.

The storyline of Scream 4 seems to follow the same pattern of all of the other Scream films, which is, everyone must die. Although the other ghost face killers are already in jail, another threat appears as another copy cat has risen to take the place of the other villains. Hopefully, Dewie and Gayle Riley have what it takes to be able to outsmart ghost face and save their lives. With Sidney Prescott dead, they are the new main targets, and may possibly pay the ultimate price.

Scream 4 is scheduled to be released sometime this year, be one of the first to find out how this story ends once and for all. New graphic effects and plot will hopefully make this movie one to remember. The other three Scream movies are considered horror film classics, Scream 4 is expected to hold up its reputation and go down as one of the scariest slasher horror films of all time. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss unless you are afraid of wetting your pants.

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